Wednesday, May 7, 2014


What is Ludoteka? Why us?

Foundation Ludoteka Roszada is a project based on mobile games library. It all started many years ago with dreams of Noé Nitot. Thanks to his ideas and tremendous heart for people - Ludoteka  Roszada was established.
Board games are an excuse for us to organize open meetings, to talk, to show that all participants  are important and equal. We choose such games where everyone has something to say, does not dominate, but cooperation and  have a good fun.

For Noé since the beginning, the most important was the availability of games for everyone-regardless of age, nationality, gender or nationality too. Our meetings are held in three languages ​​- English, French and, of course, Polish.  We currently play in cafes, libraries, we even held games at schools.. Ultimately, we assume  the open library of games, not just board ,from which everyone can benefit.

We invite you to meetings of the Foundation Ludoteka Roszada. It is worth to spend time together, get to know the game, talk, show and discover yourself, feel the idea .. Our meetings are a lot of fun, freedom, home atmosphere and feeling of equality. It's also a very good example that you can achieve your dreams without money, but with people.
Objectives of the Foundation:

        - Developing contacts and relationships between people, regardless of their status, age, level of
          education, membership of a social group.
        - Building relationships intergenerational and intercultural.
        - Tackling loneliness, racism, intolerance, inequality.
- Effective education-among others science of counting, biology, foreign languages​​, culture,    geography.
        - Develop and stimulate the imagination of the participants.
        - Supporting people in their personal development and getting to know each other.
        - Promote the development and making activity, regardless of personal circumstances
            and conditions.
        - Help in the adaptation of foreigners in Poland.

Where to meet us?

- schools
- centers for social activities
- museums
- institutes
- hospitals
- libraries
- coffeshops

- parks